EyecatchHello stormtroopers,
I like the storm roll and a storm paddle. This site focuses on these. In short, „practicality” is a keyword. If you have some interest, please check it out!
The practice never betrays you!

I like the storm roll and a storm paddle    Hi guys,
I’m Eiichi Ito live in Japan. I started the Greenland style kayaking ten years ago in Japan with my friends. At that time, there was no any information about that style around us. We made a paddle and SOF following another’s example on the net and some books. Yes, you also can make these gears.

Since the advantage of the Greenland paddle has the thin blade, resistance is low. In other words, this is to protect your shoulder, elbow and wrist. Therefore, it’s good for powerless women and children, I think.

Above all, just so you know, you can make your paddle by yourself! I will greatly recommend this process to you. Probably it releases you from worldly desires and shows the way to the Greenland kayaker.
Have fun and join us!
Oops…did you check my website already?

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