Greenland Paddle Sizing



For choosing the right dimensions, use the sizing guide shown below. This will ensure that you will have your own, perfect sized, Greenland Paddle.

A correctly sized paddle will best fit the needs of its owner, and will show him the real advantages of a Greenland Paddle. You will see the efficiency of the GP from the beginning, even if its shape doesn’t immediately reveal its full potential. The dimensions that will come up after the measurements are taken (see below) can be slightly adjusted. Personal experience will also guide your choice between a longer or a shorter paddle, or maybe a wider or narrower blade. Right after you switch from a European Paddle to a GP, you will probably ask for a GP with a wide blade. But once you discover the real advantage of using a GP, you will not want a wide blade anymore! A blade wider than 90mm is no longer a GP blade. The blade’s width must allow you to grab it easily with your hand, in any circumstances.

1. Paddle length:

lungime-metoda-2-2There are many ways to calculate paddle length. Below are two common techniques for doing so. First technique: Stand up straight. With your hand raised vertically, you must be able to reach the tip of the paddle, as shown in Figures 1a and 1b, above. Second technique: With your arms spread wide, measure the distance from fingertip to fingertip. Then add the distance from your inner elbow to the tip of your middle finger. The total length is a+b. These measurements are specific for Skin On Frame (SOF) kayaks. SOF kayaks are usually narrow. However, if you intend to paddle a touring kayak (a wide one), you may want to add some length to your paddle.

.2. Blade width:

latime-padelaYou must be able to comfortably grab the blade between your thumb and your middle finger. To measure that, describe a “wide letter C” with your palm (as shown at left), and measure the “inner height” of the letter. This is the maximum width for your GP blade. Of course, you may use a narrower blade if you want. Just keep in mind that a GP is a paddle that can be easily grabbed by its blade. So, depending on the paddler, a common width varies from 75mm to 90mm.

3. Loom length:

lomLoom length is also important. The traditional way of measuring it is by having the Skin on Frame (SOF) kayak as a reference. To measure, take a ruler and hold it with both hands. Let your arms and forearms hang relaxed, parallel with your body. Fix the palms on the ruler. Now raise your forearms 90 degrees at the elbow, so they are parallel with the ground. Forearms must be parallel with each other, too. If they’re not, keep the elbows close to the body and make the necessary corrections on the ruler grip. Read the distance between the edge of the forefingers. This will be the loom length.


4. Storm GP loom length:

storm-lomThe loom length for a storm paddle is the length of both your fists held close together, as shown in the picture on the right.

5. The paddle shoulder:

This is an option. There are shouldered paddles and shoulderless paddles. Shoulderless paddles allow you to move your hand smoothly over the loom to the blade. Shouldered paddles help you grab the loom in the correct position, so that the paddle is centered, without making visual corrections.

It is recommended that a second person assists you when taking these measurements.


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